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Ash Wednesday in 2022

If you’re visiting the United States in early March, you might notice ash markings on some people’s foreheads. Here’s why.Several important Christian holidays take place during March and April, landing on different dates every year. In Christian tradition, the 40 days (technically 46, but Sundays are typically not counted) leading … »
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Applying for a Driver’s License or State Identification Card

To make your time in the States easier, you may want to acquire a U.S. driver’s license. Here’s how to do it.As a J-1 exchange visitor, you may apply for a driver’s license or ID card, per state or territorial law. You must present necessary supporting documents that verify your … »
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J-1 Visa Holders’ Pre-Departure Process

There are several important procedures to go through before you can depart to the United States. We’ll walk you through them. You’ve been accepted to your J-1 Visa program — congratulations! You have been issued your Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status (Form DS-2019). Once you have Form DS-2019 … »
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Renting an Apartment in the United States

Whether you’re here to learn or to work, you’ll need a place to stay. Here’s how to get started finding one. As a J-1 visa holder, you may need to present different documents as part of your application to rent an apartment in the U.S., but the process should not … »
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