J-1 Program Fees and Refund Policy

  SEVIS Fee Department of State Fee $220.00
  Up To 18 Months Trainee Program Fee $2,450.00
  Up To 12 Months Intern or Trainee Program Fee $1,950.00
  Up To 6 Months Intern or Trainee Program Fee $1,450.00
  Up To 3 Months Intern or Trainee Program Fee $950.00
  J-2 Visa Program Fee    
  J-2 Dependent Program Fee This is the application fee for the issuance of the DS 2019 Form for the each dependent of J-1 visa applicant. $500.00
  Additional Fees + Services (these may be required)    
  New Host Company Site Visit Fee   $300.00
  Travel Validation   $30.00
  DS-2019 Replacement   $100.00
  J-1 Visa Program Extension Fees up to 3 additional months $550.00
  Please contact with GIP at least 30 day 3 to 6 additional months $650.00
  prior to the original program end date. over 6 additional months $850.00
  Host Company Transfer Fee   $350.00
  Expedited Fees + Services (if applicable)    
  Expedited J-1 Visa Processing Fee Fifteen business days processing or complete applications $1,500.00
  Expedited Host Company Validation Cost This fee applies to any new company that requests the required site visit to take place within five business days of application submission. $1,350.00
  Expedited J-2 Visa Extension Processing Fee Please contact with GIP at least 30 day prior to the original program end date. $250.00
  Medical and Health Insurance Cost    
  Insurance provided by TaiAn Insurance Approx. Monthly Fee $50.10
  J-2 Health Insurance (family) by month $50.10
  • All fees are in U.S. Dollars.
  • All J-1 visa applicants must pay a fee of DS-160 to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate.
  • No refunds will be processed once a J1 Participant’s DS-2019 form has been issued.
  • The SEVIS fee is not refundable after DS 2019 Form is issued.
  • If the DS-2019 has been issued to the participant, but the J-1 visa was denied by the U.S.
  • Consulate, only 50% of the J-1 Visa program fee will be refunded. In order for J-1 visa participant to receive their refund, GIP must receive the original DS form, copy of their passport and a letter from the U.S. Embassy stating a reason for denial.
  • Neither the Host company nor GIP bear any liability for any losses or criminal activity incurred by a participant in connection with dismissal, early withdrawal or the Host Company or GIP’s termination of the program. The participant will not be eligible for a refund if participant withdraws from the program for any reason after the start date of the program; or participant is dismissed for any reason.
  • If a participant has already received the J-1 Visa from a U.S. Consulate, no refund of the program fee will be given.
  • Any request for a refund must be made in writing and submitted through our online platform. Refunds are generally processed within 30 days of written request.
  • Please note that we will charge an additional Bank Wire Transfer fee of $50.00 if you paid via bank wire instead of credit cards.


To give you some guidance on allocating your money during your time in the United States, please review the estimated standard expenses for a single person during a typical program in the United States. Please note that these are mere estimates, as everyone’s situation differs. However, our goal is to help you understand potential expenses and budget accordingly.  

  • Initial Expenses: Average transportation cost from the airport to your host city and 3 days of stay in a hotel: $500
  • Housing: $1,200 to $2,500 per month. Housing in an urban area can be very expensive. However, safe and low-cost options are always available. Plan to stay temporarily in a hotel so you can conduct your housing search in person. You may use our online website to find roommates. Most landlords will require upfront payment of a security deposit (typically equal to one month’s rent) as well as the entire first month’s rent when you sign a lease. 
  • Utilities: gas, electric, phone and internet: $100.00 per month
  • Food: $250 to $350 per month or more, depending on how often you cook at home or dine out.
  • Transportation: $50 to $100 per month, depending on whether you use mass transit, or drive a car. Please note that you will also need a car insurance if leasing/renting/purchasing a vehicle, which will add to your monthly cost. 
  • Personal Care Products: $25 per month
  • Miscellaneous/Entertainment: $100 to $1,000 throughout your program. 

To further assist you, please refer to the link below to calculate your estimated living expenses: https://www.expatistan.com/cost-of-living